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Cyber criminals are now more organized

While Virus writers were once doing their dubious deeds for fun, they are now a more organized group who…

A Strategy for the Game

In conversation with CHIP Atindriya Bose, Country Manager, PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment, spills…

Let The MMOGs Begin!

The Indian Gaming Community has a lot to cheer about for MMOG games are here...

Amit Gupta, Prime Focus

Post the success of '28 Weeks Later', CHIP caught up with Prime Focus' Amit Gupta, to…

In conversation with David Filo

David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo Inc, was in Bangalore recently to unveil a pair of new Web services. CHIP…

One Solution, No Confusion

A concept that has been adopted by McAfee to address the consumer’s need for a one-stop solution for…

Weaving Spideys Web

Chuck McIlvian, Character Pipeline Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks talks to CHIP on how they weaved…

Searching Disconnected

Ever imagined you could have the entire Web on your mobile device? Find out how.

The Thrills of 3D

Autodesk has revolutionized the way games and movies are made with its 3D modeling and animation products.…

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