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Philips DVP 5965K

Test Center | 01 November 2006

For : Old and new versions of DivX supported, good quality remote control, HDMI output.

Against : No ID3 support.

This year there has been a healthy participation of DivX/MPEG-4 compatible DVD players in the market. The Philips DVP 5965K is the latest entrant; it can also be bought bundled with 5.1-channel speakers—at a higher price, of course.

Features and performance

The DVP 5965K player supports audio CDs, CD-R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs as well. It is able to playback audio files encoded in the MP3 format or Microsoft’s WMA format. It supports audio that has been encoded at constant as well as variable bitrate. It played all the 320 Kbps files on a USB pen drive without a hitch. However, the USB port provided on the player only supports the FAT32 file system. Video files with the AVI container and encoded with older DivX codecs (3.x,4.x) were also recognized, including the latest version (6.2). These files were encoded at different quality settings also and they played without any perceivable frame drops. However, DivX video encoded at 6000 Kbps, displayed momentary skips. It does not support video encoded at HD settings (720p, 1080i) and does not recognize Microsoft’s WMV format either. The player provides ample audio/video connectivity options. You can use the HDMI interface or the component outputs if you want superior image quality. If you do not have digital speakers, the 5.1-channel RCA connections over the digital coaxial connection can be used.


Build quality and ergonomics

The Philips player’s design is stylish and quite minimalist. The external shell is made of metal and has a brushed feel to it. The underside, like other players, has screws sticking out of the body. The player uses the slot loading mechanism to accept optical discs. Four buttons, including “Eject” comprise of the front panel controls. A 3.5-mm microphone connector is also provided with a volume control on this panel. There is a marked difference in build quality between this one and other cheap variations of ‘MPEG-4’ players. The panel buttons are firm and responsive. The player does not have a composite video output and an optical digital audio output (if you are on the look out for good audio). The remote control is intuitive and easy to learn.

The player supports videos that are encoded with the old as well as new DivX version. Even though it does not support Microsoft’s WMV container, it at least recognizes their WMA format for audio files. It makes for a good buy but the warranty period is too short.

Recent comments
will be nice if indicative price and dealers to be contacted can be given at the end of article.

Posted by aliaz on 15 December 2006

Whats the price of this???

Posted by codebreaker on 16 December 2006

This is what I want to know.When you say that the USB port on the player is built to take only a FAT32 supportive driver then I have a portable 40GB PATA drive which I ideally use for data transfer.Now my question is if I format those drives present in FAT32 format & load Divx movies on it will every movies be recognised on the player? or is it just those Pen driver supporting USB ports for the player?

Posted by allwyndlima on 18 January 2007

Good Article

Posted by Akhil_4u on 01 February 2007

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